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CS476a Final Project

Posted at — Nov 18, 2020

Puzzled – a music-infused puzzle solving experience


The Design

We’ve all had difficult puzzles we tried to solve. But being goal oriented as we are, we cannot help but feel anxious and demotivated at times.

What if it doesn’t matter even if we get stuck? What if beautiful music is played whenever you’ve made a little progress forward, or better yet, just a reward for keeping at it?

Puzzled is a audiovisual prototype that aims at telling players who are puzzled and defeated, that it’s all about the journey that matters. By taking the design of a Rubik’s Cube, regarded as one of the hardest puzzles for leisure time, and reshaping the puzzle solving experience with a simpler variant and a soothing music interaction that goes on in tandem, it is an attempt to invite us to rethink the goal-reaching mindset.


S to scramble the cube. F/B/L/R to turn the faces 180 degree.

Whenever a turn happens, music will be played according to the colors on the side face. If you can get that face solved, you’ll hear beautiful sounds (notes on a triad playing in a loop).

Source Code

Install Unity + Chunity then import the following package:

Appendix: Three Proposals